Naoto/Yosuke/Eight ★ He/Him ★ Libramasc AceDemiBiromantic


Kins - Highest to Lowest

Akira Mirage Yukimura ( friend's oc , kin names not ok )
Konpeito Skittles Meiji ( oc , kin names not ok )
ENA ( ENA , kin names ok )
Monomi ( Danganronpa 2 , kin names iffy )
Lemon Demon / Monster ( Friday Night Funkin , kin names not ok )
Margarita ( LPS Bully School , kin names ok )
Claptrap ( Borderlands , kin names iffy )
Ann Takamaki ( Persona 5 , kin names ok )
Boyfriend ( Friday Night Funkin , kin names not ok )
Seiko Shinohara ( Corpse Party , kin names ok )
Goro Akechi/Crow ( Persona 5 , kin names ok )
Felix Kranken ( The Walten Files , kin names ok )

Comforts - In no particular order

Naomi Nakashima ( Corpse Party )
Zhongli ( Genshin Impact )
Tartaglia/Childe/Ajax ( Genshin Impact )
Fukase ( Vocaloid )
Megurine Luka ( Vocaloid )
Kagamine Rin ( Vocaloid )
Kagamine Len ( Vocaloid )
Hatsune Miku ( Vocaloid )
Akira Kurusu/Joker/Ren ( Persona 5 )
Goro Akechi/Crow ( Persona 5 )
Yosuke Hanamura ( Persona 4 )
Naoto Shirogane ( Persona 4 )

Comfort Ships - In no particular order

KiMei/MeiKira ( oc ship )
GenChi ( oc ship )
AKyu ( oc ship)
ShuAke ( Persona 5 )
MaguRin ( Puyo Puyo )
LemSchez ( Puyo Puyo )
SouYo ( Persona 4 )



september 16th & september 17th
october 3rd

Major Discomforts

feeling left out
my mom
publicly hating on my comfort ships/games/characters in front of me ( fair criticism is ok ofc )
the emergency alert system , especially the beeping
concerning names/statuses/pfps
shittalking me , especially if its behind my back
feeling anxious on any sort of vc
speaking aggressively towards me even with a /j ( unless ik ur joking )
graphic harm to animals , real or fake
kill yourself by bo burnham
are you happy by bo burnham
the carpal tunnel of love by fall out boy
the month of september
the fox's wedding by masa works design
touching my neck


bruises ( specifically the feeling of them and how they look )
realistic eyes up close
the drama tumblr blog
the chicken smoothie discourse tumblr blog
fumo plushies
balloon sounds/biting balloons
bonsai kittens
stan by eminem
happy tree friends
meltdown by iroha(sasaki)
mentions of nonfictional couples/crushes if i know the people personally


( this doesnt apply to irls unless stated otherwise )

basic dni criteria
map/nomap/map supporter ( applies to irls )
dsmp antis
bo burnham antis


im very impatient and my mental health is recovering from a very bad state. i'm also not the smartest at all. im usually very chatty, but ill speak very depressingly if im sad or tired so yeah- i have suspected osdd and autism and diagnosed adhd, and also pls use tone indicators ty

Extra Info

tiktok: @sourmelonz
youtube: Tophca
twitter: @Sy0kq
tumblr: @kiddiec0rpse cafe_kitkat
west is my best friend hes super swag